Missing the Pricing Target?

    • Your offer rate is off, carriers not engaging
    • Selling a load below market
    • Your current rate provider charging too much
    • Your rate provider offers month old data


LaneMaster = Today’s Rates


Secure rate database updated near real-time, Industry first


Instantly reflects current market rates, any lane


Advanced algorithm more accurate then experienced employees


See recent relevant anonymized member transactions


Only $100/mo. & you get co-op revenue share

Tim Higham
CEO of AscendTMS

AscendTMS processes over 2 million full truckloads a year for thousands of brokers, thousand of shippers and tens of thousands of carriers. The most accurate rate is a real-time rate. Yesterdays rate is no good and last weeks is completely useless. The most effective industry leaders need current real-times rates in order to maximize profits on every load – and they don’t leave money on the table.

Joel McGinley
Founder/MD of TranStrategy Partners
X-Acting President of Truckstop.com
When I was effectively leading Truckstop.com, we designed and launched their Rate Mate offering. Over many years I have consulted to hundreds of freight brokers, helping them to improve their operations. Having accurate current pricing could double profitability as most brokers have operating margins, or EBITDA margins of a few percent.
Kevin Miles
Managing Partner at Eureeka BI
X-Logistics Manager
It is so important when dealing with millions of data points to ensure that the data is clean. Second, it takes man years of highly skilled gifted data scientists to develop effective algorithms that make a practical difference. We have partnered with LaneMaster as they have both of these required elements.
Patrick Carroll
RoadOne Logistics
I’ve used the other rating tools out there, but C4 has met market accuracy, time and time again, winning us more opportunities” said Patrick Carroll, Director of Operations & Pricing for RoadOne LogisticSolutions. He continued, “Seeing transactions as they’re being booked helps us from being upside down on a load by knowing actual costs instead of guessing.
Omar Singh
Surge Transportation, CEO
As a daily export contributor of more than 1,000 loads per week, and as a user of the LaneMaster product, I know first hand that this is the most accurate and up to date rate engine on the market. We are integrating the API into Surge’s real-time rate engine and our Pricing department is using this information to provide customers and carriers with the most accurate rates available. I expect that this will not only increase our market share by fostering more collaborative partnerships, but also increase our EBITDA by 25%.

LaneMaster’s Real-Time Crowdsourcing Model Benefits Users

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